Monday, July 26, 2010

Lack of 3G to break the bottleneck of domestic terminal

After more than a year of pre-cultivation, TD-SCDMA (China-made 3G, hereinafter referred to as "TD") gradually been accepted by domestic users. As of now, users had already exceeded the domestic TD 1 million, the weekly growth in subscribers in the 90,000 to 100,000. Although the fast lane into the development, but the TD persists marketing, application development and other difficulties, and faced with the challenge of the other two 3G standards.

Chip companies to significantly enhance the supply capacity

"TD terminal lack of situation is improving, the current major bottleneck restricting the development of the basic TD has been a breakthrough, TD has entered the fast lane." At a recent international summit on TD-LTE, TD Industry Alliance, Yang Hua, Secretary-General is expected during the year including mobile phones, network cards and other types of terminals, including TD-chip supply will exceed 5 million. Ministry of Industry and vice president of telecom research data presented Cao Shumin, the current access network license has reached 125 TD terminals, of which 65 models of wireless Internet Qatar, more than half.

Previously, TD once slow the growth of users, the industry is generally considered the terminal lacks important reason leading to this problem, and the most fundamental reason is the insufficient supply of the upstream chip manufacturers.

To break the bottleneck of lack of TD terminals, China Mobile this year a special incentive fund TD terminal tender is divided into a "flagship broadband Internet phone" and "low-cost 3G mobile phone" two steps, totaling 600 million yuan.

After fierce competition from Samsung, Yulong Coolpad, ZTE, etc. 9 terminal manufacturers and associated core technology, T3G, Spreadtrum 3 chip manufacturers joined together to form a joint tender body, respectively the China Mobile "flagship broadband Internet phone "and" low-cost 3G mobile phone "two steps of 600 million yuan special fund. Among them, a total of five domestic TD mobile phones get a special fund, in addition to Yulong Cool and among the top two ZTE, Huawei, Hisense, and also received a new email through a share.

Chain model to activate the joint bid

Standard domestic operations as the main TD, China Mobile is constantly updated with TD's development strategy. Incentive Fund in the previous bidding, the China Mobile on the two projects require mobile phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers to tender for the main tender for the mobile phone manufacturer, and the tender subject to the joint bid in the tender clear choice of chip solutions vendor. This tender is undoubtedly China Mobile to develop TD industrial development strategy a try, a special motivation behind the fund will be TD industrial chain activation.

TD industrial chain as a leader, a strong cell phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers to work together on common big TD industrial chain of great value and promote the "model effect", which means China Mobile on TD's ability to extend control upstream of the industrial chain of chip area.

Through special incentives in the form of funds, China Mobile and the phone companies to develop more advanced and user demand for more expensive phones. Three-Heng Cheng, senior analyst at consulting believe, TD terminal special incentive fund will greatly stimulate all sectors of the industry chain manufacturers TD enthusiasm and passion, through the major manufacturers of capital funding to accelerate the development of TD terminal speed of progress and development, conducive to rapid TD industrial chain to make up for the "shortcomings."

Follow-up research and development to enhance the future layout of the market

Although the domestic business has just achieved, but in order to fight the other two 3G standards and be in the future layout of the telecommunications market, the Ministry of Industry, China Mobile and TD-related follow-up technology companies have started research and development.

China Mobile Vice President Sha Yuejia said recently that the national next-generation broadband wireless communications major projects in the industrialization of TD-LTE project has been fully start, plans to start the second half of next year, the scale test. By 3GPP and other international organizations, China Mobile will be the operation of international mature means to promote TD-LTE's international development. In addition, Europe, North America, India and other places some of the telecom operators will also be carried out jointly with the China Mobile TD-LTE research and promotion work.

Cao Shumin said, the Ministry of Industry has set up a TD-LTE working group, and has initially developed a work plan and test plan. According to reports, related programs generally in three phases: the first stage, known as proof of concept stage, second stage, known as R & D experimental stage, the third stage is the size of the experimental stage. Under the current schedule, the first half of the second Jie Duan, the second phase until the first half of next year, or slightly later and wish to Zai-scale experiments the second half of next year.

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