Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simulation using Flash MX stage 5 Lantern

I believe my friends on that roll to Akira no strangers to the stage lighting, using Flash MX can simulate this effect, the following Janus to introduce production methods, through the regular meetings so you better experience the powerful charm of Flash MX.


First make a "deformed ball" of the MovieClip, all the frames of this film have their own draw, this is the case of heavy workload of a part; then the "deformed ball" as the movie "the mere mention of the ball," the components , by changing the color of a color changing ball; then, "the mere mention of the ball" as the film "light ball" component, simulated by the stage lights Actions statement effect; Finally, "light ball" into the main scene for Curve movement, thus creating a flickering effect of the stage lights.

Specific production

1, start Flash MX, press Ctrl + J key to open the Document Properties dialog box will Backgrond set to "black"; press Ctrl + F8 to create a "deformed ball" of the film (MovieClip), and then draw in all the stage lights in the frame shape at different times, in various parts of drawing attention to the stage when the harmony of light receding (see Figure 1), in order to allow rotation of the real number of stage lighting, to draw some frames more, which is this case where the workload of the most important , but not hard, just draw a number of oval only.

Figure 1

2, create a "mere mention of the ball," the movie, press Ctrl + L Open the Library Library, will be one of the film "deformed ball" drag and drop to 1; in the 20 Department press F6 key to insert a key frame, then select the ball in the frame, click the scene below the "Properties" button to open the Properties panel, select the Color option under the Tint and color to light yellow (Figure 2), select the first one, click " Properties "Open the properties panel, the Tween set to" Motion "form a color gradient animation; using the same methods are inserted in the key frame 40,60,80,100 frame, and change the color of the ball each frame and then create the animation.

Figure 2

3, create a "light ball" of the film, the "mere mention of the ball," drag and drop to the scene, select the "light ball", its Instance Name is set to "li0" (Figure 3); in section 4 Department press F7 key frame insert a blank keyframe, select the layer Layer 1 Click the right mouse button select "Insert Layer" Insert Layer Layer 2.

Figure 3


4, for the layer Layer 2 of the frame with Actions statement to copy the "light ball", the formation of the stage lights light beam effect.

First a statement as follows:

i = "1";

alpha = "0.3";

maxlight = "50";

setProperty ("li0", _visible, "0");

toggleHighQuality ();

The first two statements are as follows:

while (Number (i) <= Number (maxlight))


duplicateMovieClip ("li0", "li" add i, 900-i);

setProperty ("li" add i, _xscale, getProperty ("li" add (i-1), _xscale) + i * alpha);

setProperty ("li" add i, _yscale, getProperty ("li" add (i-1), _yscale) + i * alpha);

setProperty ("li" add i, _alpha, 10-i * (10/50));

i = Number (i) +1;


The third frame statement is as follows:

if (Number (i)
gotoAndPlay (_currentframe-1);

) Else (

stop ();


Statement here are the basic statement Flash, it is no longer elaborate.

5, click the Scene 1 (Figure 4) back to the main scene, the "light ball" drag and drop to the scene of the layer of Layer 1 in; selected layer Layer 1, click the right mouse button select "Add Motion Guide" for the Layer Layer 1 with conductor layer (Guide: Layer 1); in the first one conductor layer draw a hollow circle, and erase the circle somewhere, so that it no longer closed; with a click of the mouse live layer Layer 1 1 frame in the center of the ball, drag the edge of the hollow circular gap, then "light ball" will automatically be attracted to the above; the same Department will be the first one hundred hollow ball onto the edge of the circle to another gap.

6, select the layer Layer 1 of the first one to create "Motion" animation, then press Ctrl + Enter key can already see results, but the "light ball" the size of the rolling process has not changed; Layer Layer 1 in the first 50 Department press F6 key to insert a key frame, select the frame of the "light ball" click the right mouse button select "Scale" to enlarge the ball properly, you form a "light ball" in the big rock near the time of a far smaller effect.

Figure 4

Finally, press Ctrl + Enter key once again see the overall effect, the dark background, the color, shape, size-changing global arena has become a beautiful light! Like how? Cool it! Snappily mere formality out!

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